Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How To Tie A Scarf - 4 Different Ways To Do It

How To Tie A Scarf - 4 Different Ways To Do It

A scarf tied with aplomb adds style and warmth to your winter wardrobe. A scarf, in its basic sense, works because it surrounds and protects your neck and keeps cold drafts of air from spiraling down your collar, leaving you susceptible to catching a chill.

Parisian Knot
The Parisian is the most popular knot. Here’s how to tie a scarf in a Parisian knot: Take the scarf in both hands and fold it over lengthwise; drape it around your neck; insert the loose ends through the loop hanging in front of you and pull them through. You can play with the tautness of the knot and the thickness of the scarf by doubling the scarf lengthwise, if you wish. This knot looks great on a short leather jacket with a notch collar left down. On a very cold day, you can tuck the scarf into the jacket and pull the zipper up.

Once-Around Knot
The once-around knot is your entry-level knot for all those brisk days when you need a little extra comfort but don’t want to go with complete arctic readiness. Most men will use this knot for a quick commute to work or an evening out with a fitted blazer. The point of this knot is casual warmth. To learn how to tie a scarf in a once-around knot, drape the scarf around your neck allowing one end to be longer than the other. Take the long end and bring it around your neck and let it fall over your chest. If you have a long neck, overlap the scarf in back just a bit so that most of your neck between the jacket and the base of your skull is covered.
Loose Once-Around Knot
The loose once-around knot is more about fashion and having the scarf with you “just in case.” Pair the scarf with a duffle coat or any hooded snorkel jacket for a rakish look of adventurism. When it comes to knowing how to tie a scarf in a loose once-around knot, the same rules apply as the regular once-around knot: Drape it loosely as though you haven’t the time to finish the job right.

Twice-Around Knot
The twice-around knot challenges the Parisian as your go-to knot on those cold days. In fact, if you like the Parisian knot, you might change up your look with the twice-around just for fun without sacrificing warmth. Unlike the Parisian, however, you’ll require less of a collar on your jacket because this knot takes up a lot of room. Here’s how to tie a scarf in a twice-around knot: Begin as you would with the once-around with both ends hanging in front of you, but make sure one is significantly longer than the other. Take the much longer end and circle it around your neck twice; do this without making the knot too tight. Getting the lengths of the ends to match up or come out relatively close will take a bit of practice, but a knot like this will make all the difference on a cold day. This one is perfect for crew necks and Mandarin-style collars on a short leather jacket (and is easily tucked into the jacket for extra warmth).


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2011

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2011

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show was on back in November and I have just watched it again today and decided to blog a little bit about it. The show was fantastic with celebrities in the audience, super stars performing, beautiful models called angels with beautiful and funky lingerie and clothing that made the show really magical.

Kanye, Jay-Z, Marroon 5 and Nicki Minaj performed and the hightlights of the performance was Adam Levine walking along girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna.

The Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr was the queen of the catwalk at the lingerie giant’s annual show, wearing the $2.5 million Fantasy Treasure Bra.

The crazy expensive bra, which was designed by London Jewelers exclusively for Victoria’s Secret and took master craftsmen more than 500 hours to complete, was handset with nearly 3400 precious gems, including white and yellow diamonds, pearls, citrines and aquamarines, all set in 18 karat white and yellow gold. The centerpiece tassel was adorned with two stunning white diamonds more than 8 carats each and two equally impressive yellow diamonds more than 14 carats each! Total amount of diamonds on the bra – more than 142 carats!

What do you think about this fabulous Bra? I would LOVE to have it... :)


Rosie Huntington in Burberry and Burberry Body

Rosie Huntington in Burberry Body

The glamorous British actress/model opted out of the tribal prints and beaded heels to wear a nude Burberry slip dress with a plunging neckline.
Matching heels, natural waves, minimal makeup and jewelry completed her simple yet sexy look.

What do you think about her look?  I am not crazy about the dress but look at those gorgeous sandals she´s wearing!!

She also launched Eau de Parfum Burberry BODY.  Have you tried it yet?  It´s delish!!

Reebok Women's EasyTone Reeinspire II, Great Fit!!

Reebok Women's EasyTone Reeinspire II, Great Fit!!

Get more out of your stride in the EasyTone Reeinspire 2 walking shoe from Reebok. Balance pods are built-in under the heel and forefoot of the shoes.

  • The EasyTone bottom is designed to create natural instability with every step, engaging hamstring, calve and glute muscles and encouraging toning.
  • Mesh upper with seamless SmoothFit construction for an irritation-free fit
  • EasyTone for muscle toning
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
The reviews are in and these shoes are really comfortable and great shoes for work or excercise.  If you need to be in these kind of shoes all day, these are definitely "it"!!